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A telehealth app that helps parents get baby-feeding support and resources from experts.

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SimpliFed is a telehealth start-up that provides breastfeeding support and baby-feeding resources for parents. I've had the pleasure of working with SimpliFed on multiple projects: in 2021 as a product design intern, and in 2022 as a UX design contractor.

During the contract, I redesigned the SimpliFed app to improve patient-provider communication. I worked with 3 partner companies to create a HIPAA-compliant service design blueprint, interviewed subject matter experts, and organized remote usability studies using the Rapid Iteration-Test-Evaluation method to refine my designs.


UX Design
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Spring 2022
12 weeks


Support patients between telehealth appointments

Every pregnancy has challenges – finding support shouldn't be one of them. The goal of the SimpliFed app is to give patients 24/7 baby-feeding support, from prenatal to postpartum stages of pregnancy.

SimpliFed's goal is to reduce patient drop-off by focusing on factors that impact care quality.

Research Question

What impacts the quality of patient care?

I interviewed subject matter experts (care providers and patients) and learned that patient drop off is common when providers lose touch with their patients: patients want to feel that their provider is aware of their status or condition.

Providers shared that checking in with patients can be mentally taxing and time consuming because they need to use multiple platforms to deliver informed care for patients.

Patients can be too overwhelmed to message providers about their wellbeing, particularly once they begin caring for a newborn baby.

Research Takeaway and Recommendation

Repetitive communication can overwhelm patients and providers– automation can help

Patients and providers communicate on multiple platforms to send appointment notes, resources, and appointment reminders. I designed the Checklists feature to reduce repetitive aspects of communication for patients and providers.

With Checklists, patients can communicate with providers between appointments by interacting with the links and forms their provider sends. No need to spend time searching for or crafting messages.

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Rapid Iteration

Improving the discoverability of Checklists

By creating a service design blueprint with 3 partner companies (PhaseZero, athenahealth, CodeDistrict), I learned how patient data must be handled on the back end and proposed Checklists as a HIPAA-compliant solution to automate communication for both providers and patients.

Checklists call out resources and forms from providers with secure links, so patients don't have to waste time searching and providers can deliver more informed care.

To test and improve the discoverability of the Checklists feature, I invited 6 SimpliFed patients to participate in a 1-week research/design sprint. I used the RITE method to increase the salience of Checklists, so patients would be less likely to ignore or miss provider communications.

After 2 iterations, participants opened their Checklist right away when asked "Do you have anything to fill out before your next appointment?"

Disclaimer: While the SimpliFed app is still in development, I've been given permission to share my contributions and designs.

Next Steps

Measure success through patient well-being and satisfaction

It was a pleasure to be a part of SimpliFed's mission to help parents, caregivers, and babies. With more time, I would explore ways to present NPS and well-being surveys to patients between appointments. I'm curious how the presentation and timing of these surveys can factor into people's perceptions of the care they are receiving.

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