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The SimpliFed App

A telehealth app that provides 24/7 support to parents by connecting them with breastfeeding and baby-feeding experts.

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SimpliFed is a start-up that offers breastfeeding support and baby-feeding resources to parents through telehealth appointments. I've had the pleasure of supporting SimpliFed on multiple projects: as a product design intern in 2021, and as a UX design contractor in 2022.

I helped redesign the SimpliFed app to improve patient care by broadening the scope of resources available on the app. I collaborated with many folks to inform my approach to the redesign, from aligning on a service design with 3 partner companies, to interviewing subject matter experts, to organizing remote usability studies with customers using the Rapid Iteration-Test-Evaluation method.


UX Design
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Service Design


Spring 2022 - 12 weeks




Support patients between telehealth appointments

Every pregnancy has challenges – finding support shouldn't be one of them. The goal of the SimpliFed app is to support patients with 24/7 care, from prenatal appointments to adjusting to postpartum life.

Patients need to communicate their experiences with providers through forms, virtual visits, and more: if patients drop out of care, it's a sign that their needs are not being met. SimpliFed's goal is to change that.

Research Question

What impacts the quality of patient care?

I interviewed subject matter experts (care providers and patients) and learned that patient drop off is common when providers lose touch with their patients: patients don't want to feel that their provider isn't aware of their current status or condition.

Providers shared that checking in with patients can be mentally taxing and time consuming because they need to use multiple platforms to deliver informed care for patients.

Patients can be too overwhelmed to send messages to providers about their wellbeing, particularly once they begin caring for a newborn baby.

By mapping out a service design with SimpliFed's leadership and 3 partnering companies (PhaseZero, athenahealth, and CodeDistrict), I was able to understand how patient data is handled on the back end and propose a user-centered solution to reduce the workload of communication for both providers and patients.


Patients update providers on the SimpliFed app with a tap

Checklists consolidate appointment information for patients and reduce workload for providers by removing questions like "Did you get a chance to read that article?" or "Have you filled out the pre-appointment forms?"

With Checklists, patients can find resources and update providers about their health by tapping on the links or forms their provider sends. No need to spend time searching for or crafting messages.

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Rapid Iteration

Improving the discoverability of checklists

Checklists call out resources and forms from providers, so patients don't have to waste time searching and providers can deliver more informed care.

I invited 6 SimpliFed patients to participate in a 1-week research/design sprint with the RITE method to increase the salience of Checklists iteratively. By increasing the salience, provider communications would be less likely to be ignored or missed.

After 2 iterations, participants opened their Checklist right away when asked "Do you have anything to fill out before your next appointment?"

Looking Ahead

Focus on the customer journey

With more time, I would explore ways to present NPS and well-being surveys to patients between appointments. I'm curious how the presentation of these surveys can factor into people's perceptions of care itself.

It was a pleasure to be a part of SimpliFed's mission to help parents, caregivers, and babies. Please feel free to reach out if you're curious about this project!

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