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SimpliFed App

A telehealth app that connects parents and babies with 24/7 baby-feeding resources.

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12 weeks (Feb - May 2022)



Designing the SimpliFed app

I designed the SimpliFed app to help parents feed their baby with resources, support, and guidance from lactation and baby-feeding experts.

I worked with SimpliFed's leadership and 3 partner companies to align on a service design that reduces patient attrition with easy communication between patients and providers.

Explore the prototype


Support patients between telehealth appointments

Every pregnancy has its challenges – finding support shouldn't be one of them.

The goal of the SimpliFed app is to give parents resources and guidance throughout their baby-feeding journey, from prenatal appointments to postpartum life.


Investigate factors that impact patient care

I interviewed subject matter experts (IBCLCs and NPs) to understand where patient attrition occurs during care.

Between appointments, parents are asked to keep their providers up to date on their and their baby's well-being with forms and surveys. With SimpliFed's network of 24/7 support, new providers might interact with a patient at any point in their care.

Patients need to feel that their provider is aware of their experiences, otherwise, they are more likely to drop out of the care pathway.

With multiple providers, it's important that patient care is tracked from one appointment to the next

Factor 1: Patient-Provider Communication

In addition to forms and surveys, providers are sending their patients resources through email, SMS, and EHR portals between appointments. There's a lot of communication between one patient and multiple providers, but no centralized space for it all.

I worked with SimpliFed providers to walk through the patient care pathway and find opportunities where the SimpliFed app could automate and document routine aspects of patient-provider communication.

This user flow shows what information providers need to collect from patients between appointments and how patients are asked to share it.

Factor 2: Patient Data

By mapping out communication needs to specific points in the patient care pathway, I identified user-centric solutions to keep patients informed about their care while reducing repetitive communication tasks for providers.

I worked with SimpliFed's founder, COO, and 3 partner companies to align on a service design blueprint that states how, when, and where patient data is handled on the back end of the SimpliFed app:

Above: Patient and provider touchpoints for the full care pathway with the SimpliFed app
Below: Touchpoints for the text-only service


Checklists support quick communication on the SimpliFed app

I designed appointment Checklists to consolidate appointment notes, forms, and resources for patients. Checklists also give providers a quick look at their patient’s progress without overwhelming the patient.

Check out the prototype to see the design in action!

To test the discoverability of Checklists on the SimpliFed app, I invited customers to participate in task-based usability studies. I designed interactive prototypes and made improvements between studies with the RITE method to maximize the salience of Checklists.

After 2 iterations, participants went straight to their Checklist when asked to "find out what your provider wants you to do before your next appointment."

Initially, participants ignored the small red dot next to their appointment cards: I pivoted to numbered notification bubbles that prompt participants to look for the Checklist items that need attention

Improving Checklists with Rapid Iteration, Testing, and Evaluation


Focus on customer touchpoints

By investigating patient-provider interactions, I uncovered the need to support communication between appointments to reduce patient attrition.

I'm grateful to be part of a mission that gives parents and babies the care they need, and I look forward to watching SimpliFed's growth in the future!

Please feel free to reach out if you're curious about this project!

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